10 camping essentials that you should not go without


Camping with friends and family is sheer fun. However, it will only be fun when you are fully equipped and carrying the right set of tools and equipment along. These keeps you protected and spend the most memorable times with your friends and families. We have a complete list of top 10 essentials that is virtually a part of every list for a person who is going on a camping trip. The list has been prepared by studying the top requirements and years of experiences that has revealed what is good and what is not for a camping trip. Camping is leisure but it sure has a range of adventure with it. It depends on the location where you camp and it is that particular location or terrain that determines the level of adventure you might encounter.

Technology has advanced and it’s worth carrying updated GPS systems when you are travelling to a remote location. However, it can be done without in areas where you already know network connectivity is pretty good for your mobile phones. However, for a tough yet pleasurable camping trip here is the list that you need to pack yourself up with:

  1. A navigation MAP & Compass
  2. Sunglasses & Sunscreen
  3. Extra clothing to provide insulation
  4. Flashlights or torch (Preferably with high power)
  5. A complete First Aid Kit
  6. Matches, lighter and candles
  7. Nutrition food and power bars
  8. A lot of drinking water
  9. Umbrella and emergency shelters
  10. Repair Kits and other tools

It is not important that the above include the most expensive offerings in the market. Certified yet affordable products are available in plenty and it should be heavy on your pockets as well. So have a great time by being well prepared for almost every scenario.


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